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We're klinx! A digital marketing agency specializing in linking, strategizing, and executing everything your business needs to elevate your results.

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klinx was founded by Kelli Miller, MBA, in order to help business owners elevate their digital marketing practices and scale their businesses. 


Kelli has spent the past 8 years learning about and growing various e-Commerce companies (including her own). 


Time and time again, other fellow business owners wanted to experience the success that she had seen, and how they can do the same for themselves. 


If you're brand new, fresh out of a launch, or feel stuck at all with your business, we're here to help.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Marketing Services

Facebook Ads

There are about 2 billion active users on Facebook which makes this platform a very useful tool for discovering potentially new customers and reengaging with your current customers.

Organic Social Media

Consistency is key. When paired with acquiring new followers and customers through Paid Social Media ads, you can see a great rate of engagement and opportunity for repeat purchasers.

Instagram Ads

There are about 1 billion active users on Instagram which makes this platform a very useful tool for discovering potentially new customers and reengaging with your current customers.


SMS has seen huge growth over the past few years. Brands can now directly engage with their customers via text message, making this an essential channel for any brand growth.

Google Ads

49% of shoppers surveyed say that they use Google to discover or find a new item or product while  60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using search results. Don't miss out on this potential market for your audience

Email Marketing

Some say that Email Marketing is dying out with the introduction of SMS. It is essential to still maintain this marketing channel for any brand. When executed correctly, brands can increase the lifetime value of customers and attribute to 30% of overall revenue.

YouTube Ads

There are about 2.6 billion users on YouTube. While this channel historically hasn't provided strong conversions, it is a great place to provide brand awareness through high-quality video content.


Strategize the influencers and content creators that you work with in order to get the photography, video, brand awareness, and possible conversions that you need.

Creative Services

Content Creation

Send us your product and we will match it with the models, location, and imagery that you need.

Website Design

You're brand new or you've been around for a while and you need a whole new look. Our team is ready to get a brand new, user-friendly experience live and ready to go for you.

Photography Edits

You had someone take your images for you, but they aren't edited to match your brand style. Don't worry, we can help with that.

Brand Guidelines

Does your brand have a set guide for fonts, stylization, messaging, and more? This is important to implement to keep a cohesive look for the duration of your brand.


Do you need lifestyle images or e-Commerce product photos? We've got great photography connections that can get it all done for you.

Static & Animated Banners

A new product, sale, or other messages you need to add to your website? We can create that for you. Just send us the details of what you need to get started.

Landing Page Design

Your email campaigns or ads aren't converting how you'd like them to. Let us design you a page that is optimized for conversions.

Logo Design

We can get you started with a brand new logo or refresh that tried and true design that has worked for you for so many years. Our designers are up to any challenge. 

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